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Sea 2 Sky Energy UK Ltd. is a leading edge renewable bio-energy company headquartered Liverpool, UK.

The Company’s primary focus is to deliver CO2 neutral alternative energy solutions to the Power generation Industry.

Currently, Sea 2 Sky Energy UK Ltd. is engaged in the manufacturing and distribution, on a global scale, of wood pellets into European Countries as a fuel and energy alternative.

The Company has secured a significant, long-term supply of Forest Residues (in excess of 1 Million Tonnes Per year) and has identified and acquired the Technology to densify the Energy value and increase the mass of its pellets, which enables it to compete effectively in a growing market.

Contracts for long term supply of pellet biomass allow Sea 2 Sky Energy UK Ltd to provide long-term security to the market, as well as stable, predictable pricing. 

As a consequence of its existing Long-term Supply Contracts; its international logistics partnerships and its technical expertise; Sea 2 Sky Energy UK Ltd. is perfectly positioned to become one of the major players internationally in the pellet market.